I really like cake.

You’ve probably noticed that my Thirty Day Challenge didn’t quite work out as planned. I missed a couple days, then I missed a whole bunch of days and then…well…here we are. Whoops. I feel a little bad that my original plan didn’t work out so I’m probably gonna have some cake later. BUT the good news is, it actually still kind of worked. The point of challenging myself to thirty days of writing was to get me writing more. And it did. I’ve written more in 2017 already than I did in all of 2016. To be fair, it’s not really saying much since I basically abandoned my blog for eight months, but it’s still a thing. It counts. And to celebrate, I’m probably gonna have some cake later. (I just Googled ‘cake’ to find a picture to add in here, and the internet made sure I knew where all the nearest cake can be found. That should make it easier.)



Penguins Do Have Knees

Recently, I was explaining to my boyfriend what it’s like inside my brain sometimes – trying to remember things I need to do, which reminds of a thing I saw that I wanted to tell him about, which made me wonder about another thing and then another thing and then I Google the things and that’s how we ended up Googling whether penguins have knees. Turns out, they do! But their skinny little knees are hidden under their fat little bellies. Also, a species of penguin was recently discovered to have existed a long, long time ago. They called it the Colossus Penguin, because it’s HUGE! Over six feet tall. It’s a tall-person-sized penguin! I wish I could see one for real. I bet it would be awesome to hug it. So squishy.

This is just a regular-sized penguin, but it still has knees.



As it turns out, I’m not great at dealing with transitioning schedules. I’ve just started back at work regularly after being off for quite some time and moving from a very flexible, very in-my-control schedule to something not so much in my control is proving a bit difficult. Mostly, the time and energy I have for things like writing and doing fun things has diminished quite a bit. I’m still trying to fit in the fun things and the writing, but this Thirty Day Challenge I’ve set for myself may have been a bit poorly timed.
Once I’ve finished my coffee I’m off to work and then I’ll probably be hella tired because I’m not used to sitting at a desk talking to people for five hours straight. My inner introvert is weeping. My always-tired brain and my always-achy body are weeping. But my sense of responsibility and my bank account are holding me accountable today. So, off I go.

Stupid Hats

Can I just take a minute to talk about how much I hate those hats with the hole on top that everyone seems so excited about? Because I really fucking hate them. Maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word, and maybe it’s silly to feel so strongly about hats, but I hate them, and can we stop calling them hats? Because they’re not really hats. They’re some weird, unnecessary hybrid of hat and headband.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s called a ‘Messy Bun Hat’. You can Google it. Or… here’s a bunch of patterns.

You’re probably wondering why I hate them so much. Oh boy, let me tell you.

First of all. I hate the way they look. Is it a hat? It looks like it’s not finished. Why isn’t it finished? I mean, I understand the struggle of wanting to wear a hat without messing up your hair. Especially when your hair is in a bun or a ponytail. But here’s the thing – you can wear a headband. You know the ones. The big wide headbands that keep your ears warm without covering or messing up your hair. Yeah. They already exist. And people are losing their minds over these fucking hats. Hats that will actually kinda mess up your hair anyway. Have you ever actually had to pull a ponytail or a bun through a hole in the back of your hat? Like a baseball cap? Half the time, you have to adjust your hair so it fits through the hole in the right place and it pulls on your hair and your shit gets all messed up. So, if you really want to keep your ears warm and your hair in a bun, please, for the love of Spock, just wear a headband. I’ll even make you one.

Can’t Win ‘Em All

After my last post about having a rough day, that day turned into a few days and I decided to be a hermit. I couldn’t figure out just why I was having such a hard time, but as it turns out, when a depression-induced bad day happens to collide with a hormone-induced bad day, I basically become a rolling dumpster fire of emotions. So, that’s been a fun ride. Generally, these things don’t happen often and I’m able to maintain a pretty functional life, even with my sometimes-not-very-functional brain. I’m pretty thankful for that. And I’m even more thankful that I have a bunch of lovely humans  in my life to offer hugs and encouragement and love and chocolate and space-if-I-want-it and understanding and compassion.

At this point, I’ve missed a few days of my Thirty Day Challenge. I’m not super stoked about that but I’ll be adding those missed days at the end. So it’ll still be thirty posts. Just not in thirty consecutive days. Ah well. You can’t win ’em all.

I’m Having a Day

I’m having all the anxiety today. All of it. I’m worried about work, and Trump, and America, and healthcare coverage for Americans, and my own health, and ohmygawd my knees hurt, and are they hurting more than usual?? and should I be concerned that my knees are hurting more than usual? and I should drink more water because it’s good for my joints and I’m probably destroying my joints by not drinking enough water, and SHIT! I need to check my email, and what if I can’t figure out what to write in my blog today, if I don’t post something today then I fail at my own writing challenge and I fail as a writer and GAHHH! Oy with the poodles already!