It Seems We’re Making Progress Here

As my partner and I get ready to show twelve outfits for THE Fashion Show, happening during Pride Week, our humble abode is becoming more and more cluttered. Our usually uber-organized workspace has become unbearable, the cat has none of her favourite lounging places available, and sitting on any surface without looking could land one with a sewing pin to the rear-end. Thankfully, it all seems to be coming together: my Courtney-Love-trashy-grungy dress is almost finished, with minimal effort and the piles of random colour and texture are beginning to look less like dirty laundry and more like something an actual person could wear. It’s all quite overwhelming being surrounded by so much clutter, but I have to say it’s pretty exciting.

When we started the business, six months ago, we figured it would take ages for anyone to start ordering our products or even noticing us. Now, we’re rubbing elbows with photographers, well-known designers, make-up artists and people seem to like us. We even had our photos taken tonight for a bunch of the promotional items. AND we came home afterward to find our little business listed on the sponsor page of the show’s website. Pretty cool, huh?


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