Some Wins and Some Losses

Some major awesome-ness has been happening in London, called Hide and Seek, Show and Tell which comes in two forms. One part of HSST is a regular art party where anyone is welcome to bring art supplies or use what’s available to make stuff and hang out and have a generally good time. I haven’t been yet, but I hear great things. The other part, which Drea and I experienced first-hand last night is the HSST Show – live music, really cool people and the chance to buy and/or sell some artsy things. We sold a few shirts and one guy even traded us copies of a couple of his zines for a shirt. I also met a woman I’ve been hearing a lot about through a good friend of mine. She makes these insane, oddly-shaped, wonderfully inspired hats and other crocheted things. We spent some time chatting and have quite a bit in common, especially when it comes to art. I’m now inspired to make a whole lotta new stuff. Sadly, I don’t have the time right now, but I shall tuck away all of those ideas for later. Also, Papermaps was playing and we got a chance to hang out with the band for a bit after the show. Thumbs up all around, I think.

Another thumbs-up: I finally moved the last of my stuff out of my dad’s house and whilst unpacking, I found my long-lost Harvest Moon 64 for DS.

I feel like I should add a thumbs-down, just for the sake of balance. So I’ll just mention that I’m coming down with what might be a pretty awful cold/sinus infection. Two days before I’m heading out of town to visit my mother. At least I’ll have my mommy to take care of me.


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