We’re enjoying another gloriously beautiful day here. Whatever I’ve said or may say in the future about the crazy weather patterns we experience in Southwestern Ontario, I have to admit: when we get nice weather, we get damn nice weather. Andrea and I took advantage of the sunlight and got out in the garden again. I am officially growing lettuce, beans, carrots, sage, rosemary, tomatoes, squash, spearmint, and any number of other things that might return from past plantings (only three of those things were planted today). We moved in this past fall and have yet to see the backyard in all its summer glory. Who knows what the last tenants planted back there. Luckily, the garden has been well cared for, but it does need a bit of sprucing after the winter. In addition to the planting, we’ve weeded nearly everything, cut back a lot of dead stuff and trained all the young vines up the fence. I’ve really got to start posting photos of this stuff.

I almost forgot – I even transplanted the miniature daffodils a friend gave me for my birthday. They are looking much happier in their outdoor home.


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