Today was a pretty darn productive day. I did my grocery shopping; planted some beans; finally finished that dress I’ve been promising myself I would finish; and organized all of our paperwork for THE Fashion Show. I am on a roll. I thought I wanted to keep on rolling and work on my blog, but I ended up starting a To-Do list for the two weeks leading up to our first fitting for THE Fashion Show:

Finish purple dress

Print and pleat fabric for kilt

Pick up garment bags

Pick up floral dress, flannel shirt x2, t-shirts x4

Email all models re: footwear, under garments

Finish string purse

Ask Katherine for help re: jewelry

Pack toolkit

I also started a list of things I wish I had time for:

Figuring out a new pattern for paper teacups

Working on that custom apron


Figuring out how to make a Bob Marley t-shirt into a onesie

Playing Harvest Moon (I can almost afford a sheep)

I know I said I planted beans. It’s almost true. I put them in a jar to germinate just like in kindergarten. They’ll be ready to plant with everything else next weekend. That is something I can definitely making time for.


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