A Few Quick Updates…

…And some photos!

1. Internet has been down since Thursday. Just had it restored today by our friendly, neighborhood internet-fixin’ guy. His name is Mark. Not only did he fix our connection, but he also hooked us up with a cheap shipping company that his friends own; asked for some of our business cards with promises of redistribution; and told us about a place in Toronto called The Bait Shop, which is actually a skate shop/print shop/bar/skate park…I think. It’s been a fun-filled morning.

2. Attended the Hunter Valentine show that we found out about at the last minute. Awesome night on a few counts.

3. Started germinating the second round of beans, but have yet to plant the first round. It’s been really rainy and my epic phobia of worms has prevented me from doing the necessary digging. And I finally took a photo of the progress on the first round.

4. Found out about a women’s art event called Ladyfest. I’m going to be submitting a small series of my paintings. Actually ‘series of small paintings’ would be more accurate. I’ll post some pics when they are finished.

5. Did some necessary thrifting this past weekend. Picked up the last of the materials for the upcoming fashion show. We are officially ready for the first fitting next week. Also found what was once a make-up case, but is now my travel-able sewing kit. AND I found these awesome hand-carved salad spoons (yep, those are owls). Dre has informed me that we will not be using said salad spoons for actual salad. Little does she know they are already mingling with the rest of the kitchen utensils.

Due to the inclement weather we’ve been experiencing, I haven’t yet taken any purposeful photos of the garden. Here’s our cat instead.


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