Busy Bees

With multiple projects on the go, life has been quite hectic. Photo montage time?
I think so!

Bif Naked Acoustic Show:

Went on an adventure:

Found a wonderful surprise!


This was two weeks ago. Everything is now 3-5 times larger than this.

We dyed, printed, and have now cut and pleated this material. After tomorrow, it will be a kilt and it will be going down the runway at THE Fashion Show. When I’m done making the kilt, there will be enough fabric left to make a few bags and wallets.

I have to take out all of those pins and re-do the pleats tomorrow. I was rushing and the spacing turned out to be a little bit on the sloppy side. No fun.

Andrea and I took a trip down to the water so that she could see ‘the waterfall’. By ‘took a trip’, I mean ‘walked down the bike trail’, and by ‘the waterfall’, I mean ‘the big ugly fountain that the city spent a ridiculous amount of money on’.

Apparently, Sarah Harmer is coming to town in a couple of weeks. This makes me very excited. Also, Ace of Base is going to be in Toronto soon, and I most definitely want to attend.

We spent a few days at my parents’ condo in Mississauga. This park/beach is across the street. We met a four-month-old bulldog called Piggy when we walked down to watch the sun set behind all the buildings.

Also, we had tiny sausages in tiny buns that looked like slices of tiny bread.In the coming three weeks, Andrea and I both have a buttload of work to do. In addition to THE Fashion Show (July 21st) we’re now working on a set of shirts for Project Zombie Runway (July 14th). The shirts will be easy, but Andrea has just finished editing a Monster Mash-up video for the show as well.

As for myself: I’ve been re-designing (againagainagain) some owl-shaped purses that I’ve been working on, on and off, for several months. These are the simplest designs so far, in terms of construction, but there’s quite a bit of embellishing. Embellishing = gold beading. I’m very excited.

Over the past couple of months, until recently, I hadn’t been doing much editing or writing. That has now changed. I’ve started working on some super-top-secret personal writing projects and I’ve started offering editing services again. I’m working with a client who may very well turn out to be a great campfire story.

I’ve been meaning to take some decent photos of the different pieces I’ve been working on for various projects.
Most excited for:
Purple Grunge Dress, Grey Kilt, Owl Purse. A lot of what we’re doing at the moment includes quite a bit of deconstruction and refurbishing, so we did a shout out for used clothes. So, a couple of months ago, my BFF gave me a bag of clothes she had purged and in it was her prom dress. I’ve already cut into it, but I’m going to have enough dress left over to refurbish, rather than entirely deconstruct. I’m very excited for this as well, but it will have to wait a few weeks.
Also excited for: Right after all of this work is done, we will be heading out of town for a volleyball tournament with a bunch of buddies. I’m not a huge fan of sand, but I love the sun and I’m actually pretty decent at volleyball. It will be a nice reward.


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