Folk Festivals and Gifts From the Universe

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Andrea and I have been busy lately. Disgustingly so. This past Thursday, we showed a bunch of our shirts at Project Zombie Runway – a zombie-themed fashion show, complete with live music, performance art, and all ’round awesomeness. We’ve also been gearing up for THE Fashion Show, happening this coming Thursday. We’ve been working non-stop and completely run down, but we got some unexpected treats from the universe to make up for it.
On Friday, Sarah Harmer headlined at the Home County Folk Festival in Victoria Park. I got to see one of my all-time favourite musicians play live, OUTSIDE on the most beautiful night we’ve had all summer. I also found twenty bucks on my way there. It was most definitely, THE most wonderful night I’ve had in many moons. The breeze was perfect. The sound was perfect. Everything was perfectly perfect. Except perhaps the fact that I forgot my camera. All I had at my disposal was an iphone camera, which doesn’t fare well at night. I have no real proof that I was at the show, short of a few blurry photos:

I was even inspired to write (and, more importantly, finish) something. I’ll post it once I’ve had a chance to edit it.
The Acorn was also playing Home County. We thought we had missed it on Saturday, but thanks to our twitter feed, we found out we hadn’t! They played Sunday afternoon and we got to meet them after the show and give them our business card. There was no time for photos with the band, sadly, but it was great nonetheless. And we got some photos during the show.

If you look carefully, you'll see that that's TWO drummers, each on a full drumkit. That equals TWO FULL DUMKITS.

With THE Fashion Show on Thursday, this upcoming week will prove to be quite busy as we work on the finishing touches for each of our outfits. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of work, but there is very little time in which to get it all done. It is officially crunch time. Our saving grace will come on Friday evening in the form of our friends in their Golf coming to whisk us away for a weekend of laying poolside, in the country, eating barbequed meats and having a generally amazing time.

I imagine that I may not have time (or energy) to make another post for a while. But who knows, maybe you’ll get to see some real-time poolside shots this weekend.


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