Here’s Hoping

I’ve got the house to myself in the middle of the day. This is not something that happens very often as Andrea and I are both work-from-home-ers, but she’s got a meeting at the Small Business Center. I have to say, this home-alone time is muchly needed. There is a large amount of personal processing happening these days and the desire to actually speak out loud to anyone is much lower than normal.
I just found out that a close family friend is quite sick. As in, lung cancer accompanied by a large brain tumor. It’s not looking good. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’m told she’s been having health problems for a little over a year and that they’ve only recently figured out what’s wrong. Unfortunately, that’s about all I know.
Marla (I’m not using her real name, though I highly doubt it would be an issue if I did) has been a family friend since before I was even part of the family. She and my mother grew up next door to each other and have stayed in contact throughout the decades. They even had kids around the same time and now work for the same company.
Marla’s daughters and I, being the same age (within about 2 years of each other) spent a lot of time together growing up. We attended each others’ birthday parties and held on, for years, to the matching rings we had. They were made from spoon handles and we loved them. I haven’t spoken to either of them in over a year, but I still think about them. And I’m thinking about them even more right now.
I like to think that I’m fairly optimistic and while this may be true, I’m also a realist. I really want to be optimistic and hopeful and send out all of those healing, helpful, happy vibes, but I think all that I can manage today, is sad. Maybe, tomorrow, at least a couple of those other feelings will come. Here’s hoping.


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