I love travelling by train. Absolutely love it. It is by far the best way to travel – if you happen to disagree, let me dispute your insanity. With a list and everything.

1. You never have to stop for gas.
2. It’s always faster than driving. Always. A trip that would normally take a little over two hours is cut down to an hour and half.
3. Traffic stops for you. At what other time in life does that ever happen? Unless, of course, you’re really good looking.
4. They have snacks. On carts. And they bring them right to you. My own mother doesn’t do that on road trips. As the non-driver, I’m usually designated as the snack-and-gas-getter.
5. You get to see all the scenery that you normally wouldn’t see if you were driving. My favourite things to see are the graffiti works on the backs of buildings – since they’re usually hidden from the road (and the eyes of the law), the artists can spend a lot more time working on them and making them awesome. I also like spotting people walking along semi-secluded footpaths and the weird things one might be doing on those footpaths.
6. There is usually free wireless. Which means that I can entertain myself to no end while traveling between cities. Or learn about stuff. Or talk to my friends. Or get work done.

I really can’t say enough about how much I like trains. I just love them.


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