The Bastardization of the English Language

Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a serious lack of grammatical correctness in all forms of communication. From texting to blogging to status-updating, people are using single letters and numbers to replace words. They are spelling things incorrectly, refusing to capitalize proper names and the beginnings of sentences. And the person who points out those errors is often considered pompous or rude. As someone who spell-checks even my instant messages, I find this pretty disturbing.
I genuinely believe that this bastardization of the English language stems from laziness (at least partly). I’m sure it also stems from the lack of funding for public schools and the fact that most teenagers don’t want to be caught actually paying attention in class. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. That would be a whole other post.
Now, I’m not saying that individuals with poor grammar skills are inherently lazy. Don’t get me wrong there. But I do know that we can all get a bit lazy when something can be done for us, without us needing to put out much effort. Things like auto-correct and auto-complete have made it possible for us to type just the beginning of a word or sentence and *poof!* it’s all done with very little effort on our part. As a result, there are huge numbers of people who don’t know when they’ve spelled something wrong. They also don’t know that the words they’ve spelled mean something completely different. In turn, their sentences either make no sense or mean something different than what they had intended. My favourite part of interacting with this particular brand of person, is when that person thinks I’m an idiot because I can’t figure out what the hell they are trying to tell me.
Now, I will admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to grammar. I know that my attempts to help can come off as attempts to point out flaws and make people feel bad. But that’s not the case. I’m trying to help you get across the message that you’re trying to convey instead of the message that you’re a big dumb-dumb who can’t spell. Maybe it’s a little bit insulting when I put it that way, but wouldn’t you want me to tell you if you had a booger on your face? Bad spelling is like a booger on your face. Yes, it’s a little embarrassing to find out that it’s there, but I’m sure you’d rather I tell you now instead of waiting until after you had a meeting with your boss. Right?


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