Promises, Promises

I’ve decided to make an attempt at regular blog-updating. I will admit: I haven’t been terribly successful at this in the past, but I attribute that to my head not really being in the game, so-to-speak. The plan is to have a new update every week and I’m even hoping to stick to a somewhat regular day. I use the term ‘regular day’ a bit loosely here. I should say, I’m hoping to be able to update it over the weekend every week, giving you all a chance to chase away those Monday blues with my excellent blogging abilities.
I also wouldn’t mind ‘jazzing up’ my blog to make it look nicer and give you more to read about. I’m not exactly sure how that will play out in terms of what I will be changing, specifically. But feel free to consider this my promise to you that I will be a better blogger.


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