Let’s Get Outside

I’m not what you might call a ‘girly-girl’, but at first glance, most people wouldn’t peg me as the outdoorsy type. Maybe it’s my pasty-white skin. Maybe it’s the fact that most of my pursuits, both personal and professional, tend to take place indoors, where I can sit comfortably and not worry about my hair frizzing into a disco-inspired afro. But, the truth is this: I love the outdoors! I love camping and hiking and building campfires. And while some have made the assumption that I might perish without cell-phone reception and running water, I’d be willing to bet that I’d outlast most in a Y2K-style disaster.
Anyway, the point is that outdoor adventures are awesome. And this area has loads to offer in that respect, specifically the Bruce Trail. The trail zigzags all the way from St. Catharines to Tobermory and has endless entry points, so you can start your adventure anywhere you like. There are plenty of planned out trail guides that you can sign up for.
There are tonnes of other activities to enjoy on the Bruce Trail, like bird-watching, cycling, picnicking, photography – you name it! And you can find all kinds of information about the trail here.
Andrea and her friend, Sara even went on a Geo-cache adventure recently and found that there are multiple cache sites along the trail. The next time they go out there, I’ll definitely be tagging along! Whether they like it or not.


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