I Need to Write More

Today, I hang my head in shame for I am a terrible blogger. At least, I have been lately. My excuse is that life has been crazy and stressful in a number of ways and while I’d like to say that I just haven’t had any time for writing, that really isn’t the case. I’ve had time. I’ve had lots of time, but my head just hasn’t been in the game. I haven’t been able to finish a single thing I’ve started writing. So, instead of attempting to write a whole blog post about one thing, I decided to just touch on a number of different things that I’ve been doing, seeing, thinking about, listening to, or whatever. A highlight reel, if you will. Enjoy.
1. I recently attended the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic at Christie Lake Conservation Area. It was amazing. This was my first trip to the park and I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful and the perfect setting for just such a festival. All vendors were local, including farmers, coffee stands, clothing vendors, and most of the musical talent. Here are the few grainy photos I was able to snap with my phone camera. I always seem to forget my good camera when I go anywhere fun.

The lovely Sarah Harmer. One of my favourite musicians ever.


Feist! Another favourite. Such a great set.
I wish this was mine.

2. I’ve been hiking a bit lately. This area is full of amazing places to hike and camp and I’ve been able to check them out more and more. In fact, I just got home from walking the Chedoke Radial Trail. It’s beautiful and quiet and a great place to sit and ponder. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to pull any photos off my camera at the moment, so I can’t share photos from today or from the hike I took a few days ago in Waterdown with Andrea and Sara.

Hmm. I thought I would have more to write about today, but the fact is, I’m pretty tired. And I have a few things to do. Things like figuring out why I can’t get my photos from my camera to my computer and cleaning the bathroom and providing belly rubs to a fat little cat. That last one is probably the most important.


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