I Love Pranks

I love pranks. I really, really do. I think it’s super fun to pull pranks on co-workers, friends, lovers, family members. But not the kind of pranks where people are likely to get injured or have their clothes ruined. I actually really hate those. If you’re the kind of person who would dump paint on someone as a prank, I probably don’t want to be your friend.

However. If you’re gonna wrap all of your boss’s office supplies in tinfoil or hide inside a darkened room to scare the shit out of someone, I’m totally in. I’ll even volunteer to be the one to scare that person. In fact, I regularly try to scare people by hiding behind doors or in bushes. Sadly, most of my friends have caught on and either don’t fall for it or just get pissy. Buzzkills.

Since I’m working today and couldn’t properly celebrate the prankiest day of the year, I’ve been enjoying some lists of the best pranks out there. Here’s one I found, just for you. I endorse all of these pranks! (except the one with the onions, because that’s just really fucking mean).


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