Hoppy Easter!

I was just walking through target and noticed a HUGE display of egg-shaped, bunny-shaped, and carrot-shaped toys and candy. I definitely bought some chocolate eggs and then promptly ate them all. But more importantly, I’m feeling insanely nostalgic for the spring-times of my younger days. I love Spring. So so so much. Probably more than any other time of year (except Hallowe’en, because Hallowe’en is amazing). I love feeling the breeze get warmer and watching the snow melt and the grass get greener. I love the smell of the lilac trees and the feel of dirt on my hands when I start planting my garden. As a kid, I loved spring because it meant my birthday was coming. And the Easter Bunny.

I always had a habit of waking up super early on Easter because I was so excited. So, when I was six or seven, my mother put her foot down and made a rule that I wasn’t allowed to wake anybody else up until 7am. So, instead of waking up my parents, I’d sneak in to my brother’s room and sit and stare at him like a creep until he woke up. Sometimes, I’d “accidentally” bump into something or cough. That usually sped up the process quite a bit. If he didn’t wake up and promptly entertain me, I’d sneak to the top of the stairs, where I’d sit and listen for sounds of the elusive giant rabbit or I’d draw out a map of where I thought all the eggs might be hidden. Eventually, everyone would get up and I’d FINALLY be allowed to go downstairs and start finding all the eggs. I’d get so excited every time I found one, and I’d proudly show my parents like it was the most amazing thing in the world. My brother, who was (and still is) four years older, inevitably found way more eggs than I did. Probably because he was taller and could see all the higher up places. And maybe because he didn’t stop to show my parents every single thing he found. Of course, being a kid, when I realized his basket was full and mine wasn’t, I was always disappointed. But before I could even get upset, he’d sit down with me and we’d go through all the candies and chocolates together and share them out equally. It was awesome.

Thinking back on all the Easter dinners and egg hunts of my childhood makes me wish that I had more kids in my life. It’s also making me miss my family, but thankfully, I’ve got a 3-day weekend ahead of me. So I’ll be heading home to eat lots of chocolate out of multi-coloured baskets, and a whole bunch of roasted meat and give all the hugs to my lovely relatives. So, watch out! I’m comin’ for ya, London.


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