When In Doubt, I Make Lists

I’m sick. Again. The timing would have been just fine, except Canada Revenue decided to announce that they’ve extended the filing deadline by five days. Great for a lot of people. Not so great for this guy. I was supposed to be taking some time off, starting today. Now, I have to wait till next week, which isn’t terrible, but I could really use a really long nap.

Since I’m sick, and super duper tired, I just don’t have the capacity to string together enough words to justify a proper post. BUT. I’m really good at making lists. So here’s a list of all the junk I’ve been up to in the last couple weeks.

1. I turned twenty-nine. It feels really strange to know that my next birthday will be my thirtieth. Because I don’t feel like a grown-up. Not even a little.

2. I signed up for a SoBi account. It’s like carshare, but for bicycles. You pay for a membership, and you get a set amount of time each day to use any of the Social Bikes in the city. They are comfy and they have baskets for your shopping and there are tonnes of hubs around downtown. It’s amazing. I wish all cities had something like this. I’ll tell y’all more once I’ve had a chance to use it a bit more. I did take a nice ride down to the pier. It was such a beautiful day and I commandeered my friend’s sunglasses to take a couple photos.

3. I’m really fucking sick. I thought it was just allergies a few days ago, but holy shit. My face hurts, my throat hurts, I can barely breathe without looking like some slack-jawed weirdo. But I’ve downed enough oil of oregano, garlic, honey, lemon, lime, and whiskey over the last two days, I could easily pass for a roast. A delicious, slightly drunk roast.

4. I found out that Second Cup has chocolate chip and seasalt cookies and they are amazing.

5. Yesterday, a very nice boy took me to breakfast at Dunas Verde in Jamesville. If you haven’t been there, you really should go. They’ve got this quaint little patio and FOUR-DOLLAR-BREAKFAST and the best espresso I’ve ever tasted. I hadn’t been there in months and it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

6. I’m realizing as I write this that all I can think about is food. Because I’m very hungry. And now I can’t remember any of the other stuff I was going to tell you about. But please don’t hold it against me. I’m sick and can barely deal with regular life stuff, so I definitely can’t deal with your judgy thoughts. Keep ’em to yourself.


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