I’m Back, Y’all!

It’s been a while, I know. And that’s because I’ve been on a semi-self-induced sabbatical from internet land. I say ‘semi’ because only the first month of no internet was my choice. The second month was because that’s how long it took for the internet people to get their shit together and hook my shit up. It’s a long, involved, frustrating tale and I won’t bore you with it, because TODAY, I GOT MY INTERNETS! And I’m just so very happy and relieved and incredibly grateful to the very kind, understanding and thorough technician who just left my home. He seemed like a really nice dude.

What I will tell you has nothing to do with any of that nonsense. I can tell you that I’ve been writing up a shit storm. That’s right. A Shit Storm. I’ve blown through an entire notebook in the last couple of months. That’s not counting the random pages, sticky notes, voice memos and random notes I’ve added to my phone. None of it has been edited or organized, but that’s what I’m working on now. So, stay tuned, because there is likely to be a deluge of posts for you in the next little while. Catch ya on the flip side, y’all!


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