The Bright Side

You know all that stuff they say about looking on the bright side? Well..sometimes it sounds like total bullshit. But sometimes it works. For real. For example: sometimes, I have to use a cane. Because I have arthritis and sometimes, when it’s rainy and cold or sometimes for no reason, I get super achey and need assistance with the walking. I hate it. I hate it because my body hurts and doesn’t work the way I want or need it to. I hate it because I’m not even thirty and need to use a cane like a crippled old lady. I hate it because it’s cumbersome and I have to carry an extra thing around. I hate it because, really. Who wouldn’t? However. On the bright side, I’m glad that canes exist. I’m glad that, when I feel like that, I have something that makes it easier to get around. And when people see that I’m using my cane, they understand that I’m having trouble getting around and they’re really kind. They hold doors. And they let me pass. And they help me with my shopping bags. And when all of those things happen, I’m lucky. I’m lucky because on the days when I’m feeling shitty and sorry for myself, I get to witness kindness. I get to see that there is goodness and kindness in the world. And that, my friends, is a very big brightside.
So. Even when people tell you to look on the brightside and you want to smack them in their smug little faces  (I often do. You’re not alone in that.) just remember that maybe…just maybe, there really is a brightside.


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