Agree to Disagree…or maybe not.



I’ve seen this image and others like it, all over the place. A fair few friends have attempted to send the message of “agree to disagree”. Normally, I would share in that sentiment – I can be a pretty diplomatic person and I understand that lots of folks have lots of different view points. I have friends and family at all different points on the political spectrum and we can generally all get along just fine. But, as it turns out, I have a line. And the line is Donald Trump.
I want to be clear: this line that I have is not about liberal vs conservative. It’s not about democrat vs republican. It’s not about left wing vs right wing. The line is about something much more human and personal for me. While I can agree to disagree on a number of topics, I simply can not when it comes to Trump. The second I hear someone supporting Trump, I no longer trust that person. And here’s why:
Trump has openly and publicly condoned and encouraged sexual assault and he has spread an awful lot of hate, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and general douche-baggery. It’s baffling to me that an intelligent individual can hear the things he has said and still think that he is a decent human being who is fit to run a country. If an individual can knowingly put their trust in someone so hateful, I can no longer put my trust in that individual. I can no longer trust that person’s judgement, or the decisions they make that affect other people, and I certainly can’t trust my relationship with that person.
To still support Trump tells me a lot about what you think is okay in the world. To still support a man who condones sexual assault tells me that you think sexual assault is okay. To still support a man who spreads hate tells me that you think hate is okay. To still support a man who is racist, misogynist, and homophobic tells me that you think racism, misogyny, and homophobia are okay. And they are anything but okay.
As an openly queer woman, as a victim of violence and sexual harassment, as a descendant of immigrants, I refuse to let these things slide. And as a human being, I’m offended that I’m expected to. So, no. No, I will not agree to disagree on this one.


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