As it turns out, I’m not great at dealing with transitioning schedules. I’ve just started back at work regularly after being off for quite some time and moving from a very flexible, very in-my-control schedule to something not so much in my control is proving a bit difficult. Mostly, the time and energy I have for things like writing and doing fun things has diminished quite a bit. I’m still trying to fit in the fun things and the writing, but this Thirty Day Challenge I’ve set for myself may have been a bit poorly timed.
Once I’ve finished my coffee I’m off to work and then I’ll probably be hella tired because I’m not used to sitting at a desk talking to people for five hours straight. My inner introvert is weeping. My always-tired brain and my always-achy body are weeping. But my sense of responsibility and my bank account are holding me accountable today. So, off I go.


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