Penguins Do Have Knees

Recently, I was explaining to my boyfriend what it’s like inside my brain sometimes – trying to remember things I need to do, which reminds of a thing I saw that I wanted to tell him about, which made me wonder about another thing and then another thing and then I Google the things and that’s how we ended up Googling whether penguins have knees. Turns out, they do! But their skinny little knees are hidden under their fat little bellies. Also, a species of penguin was recently discovered to have existed a long, long time ago. They called it the Colossus Penguin, because it’s HUGE! Over six feet tall. It’s a tall-person-sized penguin! I wish I could see one for real. I bet it would be awesome to hug it. So squishy.

This is just a regular-sized penguin, but it still has knees.



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