It’s all about balance.

Here are all the reasons I’m frustrated today:

My body hurts.
My stomach hurts.
My chronic illness makes it impossible to enjoy junk food.
I miss cheezees.
The hair at the nape of my neck is too thick and unmanagable and makes my neck itchy.
I’m not sure I know how to spell unmanagable. Is it even a word? I don’t know.
I want chocolate but I don’t have any chocolate.
It’s cold outside.
I do not own a cuckoo clock.
Coconut sugar is expensive.
My cute little succulent died and I’m not at all surprised, because I can’t raise a succulent for shit.
It’s cold outside.

Here are all the reasons I have smiled today:

I got to have a nice long phone chat with a faraway friend.
A plumber had to come to my house and, knowing that I can’t deal with strangers in my house, my boyfriend came to my house and let them in and dealt with all of it while I was at work.
I get to sleep in tomorrow.
I have a lot of plants.
Cats exist.
I can do ten push-ups.
Spring is almost here.
I have the internet and can therefore watch endless videos of penguins.



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