Pocket Snacks

GEE WHIZ! Things are happening over here. Lots of exciting things. Here is a list of all the things:

  1. As I mentioned before, I have a new roommate-who-is-actually-a-gerbil. His name is Eugene. He seems to be frightened of bananas. It seems fitting that I would have a hella neurotic pet but he’s pretty cool.
  2. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Niagara Falls and acted like a couple of dorky tourists. We even got tshirts and shot glasses. It was great.
  3. I got my driver’s license! That’s right. I’m almost thirty-one and *just* got my driver’s license for the first time ever. Turns out, I super love driving and I think maybe I’m kind of good at it? Not sure yet, but I haven’t hit anything yet and I can do a three point turn. So that’s pretty neat.
  4. THE MOST EXCITING THING: I GOT IN TO SCHOOL!! In case you couldn’t tell by all of the caps, I’m pretty excited. I’ve been waiting over a year to be in carpentry school and now it’s right around the corner and holy shit. I am nervous. But I can’t wait to use some mothafuckin’ power tools y’all! I’d also really like to own some of those brown overalls. Or, really, any overalls. That front pocket is perfect for snacks.
  5. Also, it’s getting warmer out there, so I’m about to be doing all the hiking. Even though I almost died the last time I went on a proper hike, I can’t wait to climb until my buttcheeks hurt. I promise I’ll be careful this time.



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