Pay Attention

I guess I should probably tell you what this is all about? Well, basically, it’s about whatever comes up. A little of this. A little of that. A little of the other thing. It’s a little like having A.D.D. or, I suppose, a little like life. It’s about whatever I want.

Sometimes, I share new/awesome/weird/terrible experiences. Sometimes, I bitch about the weather; terrible grammar; how much I hate pants-shopping. And sometimes, I give unsolicited yet incredibly useful advice on all sorts of matters. You really should pay attention, because I am wise as shit. You won’t believe how great things could be if you’d just relax and let me run your life. Seriously.

Outside of writing, I spend my days working full-time; swearing like a trucker; and being fairly awesome. I also love gardening, hiking, reading, dancing, cycling, and trying really hard to be a bad-ass motherfucker.


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